En claro movimiento de “todos ganan”, Microsoft, a traves de su portal para navegadores confirmaron que están entusiasmados de empezar a trabajar con Pebble para que Windows Phone pueda tener una experiencia completa con el popular Smartwatch.

Pebble watch and Windows 8: Building an app that connects the two

Turns out in a conversation with one of the Pebble Watch Engineers, they didn’t know that the interface with Windows 8 is similar to the interface they use with the iPhone.  So over the next few weeks I am going to explore the possibility of working with the Pebble Watch.

Why the Pebble Watch?

It is a simple interface.  No swipe to see photos, or other stuff, just a watch that displays textual information that is readable in the sun.  Button pushes, can get submerged (important for me) and simple.

There is a sample app made for Windows Phone but it doesn’t use the background task objects, and that is pretty important if I want to stay on touch on who is in the Game Lobby I am interested in, or if there someone interesting who wants to meet me online, or there is a good deal.

But seriously, I am forming a new philosophy:

Think Simple

In this case a watch is suppose to accurately tell time and date as well as have an alarm.  Now in the Pebble, it does the first two and expands the latter slightly with alarms delivered from your phone or tablet in text and a buzz.  It does have an accelerometer, which I consider of less importance, but I will use it for input to a simple game, and this accelerometer is an added complexity that I am not sure fits in the philosophy of:

Think Simple

In the case of the Pebble, this means that the form factor can be modified to be less intrusive into your life.  Just like the Windows Phone, the philosophy is that you use the phone to do what you need, fast, and then get back to living life.

A pesar que existe un cliente independiente de Pebble y Microsoft sabe que no es la experiencia que usuarios de Pebble y Windows Phone quisieran tener al 100%, la empresa ha anunciado que está en conversaciones con ingenieros de Pebble para lograr llevar la experiencia del Smartwatch como lo tiene Android e iOS.

Lo sorprendente de todo es que Microsoft (y aquí me atrevo a decir que Pebble no lucieron bien en cuanto a su preparación con la plataforma de Microsoft) es que Pebble no sabian que la misma experiencia de interfase es la misma con iOS el cuál abre las oportunidades de que la aplicación de Pebble llegue ahora a Windows Phone se suben enormemente y Microsoft quiere dar la mano.

No es para menos, su plataforma a tomado un auge desde el pasado año y las mejoras con Windows Phone 8.1 han sido bienvenidas, así que no sorprende que Microsoft quiera aprovechar el momento ganado.