Mozilla en pleno desarrollo de su propio OS Móvil


¿Quién dijo que Mozilla se queda atrás cuando ahora todo el mundo tiene su propio sistema operativo? Tal parece que estaremos por ver la respuesta.

Mozilla, la organización conocida por sus productos gratuitos como el navegador Firefox y el cliente de email Thunderbird, está en pleno desarrollo de su gran otro proyecto.

Se trata nada más y nada menos que de su respuesta al boom de sistemas operativos independientes con Firefox OS.

Esto es lo que Tony Chung de Mozilla publicó en su blog personal:

Desktop Builds now available for Firefox OS

By now, many of you have heard about one of my projects i’ve been heads down on… Firefox OS.  Codename’d “Boot 2 Gecko”, it’s mozilla’s project on putting together a fully Web-based OS that will take on the smartphone market.   It will support everything you would expect from a smartphone, (friend dialing, spouse messaging, internet browsing, web gaming, photo taking, video watching, and music bumping!)   Read the blogpost for more details on what and where we’re deploying to.

On the Quality front, i’ve been building up a small-but-growing team to take on this behemoth project.   The phone we’re working on will consist of 3 basic software layers: Gonk (kernal, HAL, and low-level components), Gecko (rendering engine, web APIs), and Gaia (HTML5 User interface layer).   Our test approach is to create mochitests against the DOM and API layer, and run regression tests against a Jenkins CI system.   On the UI, we will take a more traditional acceptance approach, executing testcases against Apps in an end to end scenario; and building webapps that will utilize supported B2G apis.   All this, to delivery in a very aggressive timeline, and working with multiple partners on different Quality approaches at every level.

We’ve been culturally challenged to build up a interested community of testers, but limited to our distribution of builds due to legal contracts.   However, the release engineering team was able to get Daily desktop builds created and published online for anyone to play with.  Refer toGaia/Hacking for setup instructions.  If you’re a web developer, you can use these builds to create and test your webApp against.  If you’re looking to help do some testing, these desktop builds will also give you an immediate opportunity to play with and help us write testplans and file bugs.    We encourage anyone interested to give the desktop builds a spin (available on Mac, Windows, and Linux), and get involved with the project!


For more information on getting involved with Development and Testing, visit to get started.

Update: Many are wondering why they see a “black” screen after launching the B2G Desktop build.   It’s likely because you havent set up a Gaia profile prior to launching.  here’s how you do it.  (again, refer to Gaia/hacking for better steps!)

1) For your win32/linux/osx computer, download and install a nightly “B2G Desktop” build from:
2) on command line, run:

  •     $ git clone git://
  •     $ make -C gaia profile
  •     $ /path/to/b2g -profile gaia/profile
  •      (eg. Tonys-MacBook-Air:MacOS tchung$ ./b2g -profile /Users/tchung/Desktop/DailyB2G/07172012_desktop/gaia/profile)

3) you should see content now.

Basado totalmente en HTML 5, Mozilla pretende hacerle frente al Android, iOS y BlackBerry OS con su propia respuesta llamado internamente como Boot 2 Gecko y ahora con estas versiones de pruebas para PC (compatible con Windows, MAC y Linux.

Todavía no se sabe si ya Mozilla tiene socios manufactureros para los potenciales teléfonos que lleven el sistema operativo, pero sin duda alguna que serán tiempos interesantes como siempre.

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