Samsung ha hecho el anuncio con los nuevos chips que estarán siendo vendidos e instalados a futuros equipos móviles.

Samsung reveló los nuevos Exynos 5250, unos chip instalados en el sistema (SoC) que incluirán un procesador dual-core de ARM Cortex A15 con capacidad de 2GHz de ciclo.

Según nota Samsung este chip trabaja mejor que los pares de Cortex A9 y estará diseñados para Tablets de uso a largo plazo, con soporte de gráficos cuatro veces mejor y resoluciones de 2560×1600 pixeles.

Comunicado de prensa:

Samsung Electronics, the industry’s first Cortex-A15-based development of the mobile AP

– The industry’s first Cortex-A15 core applied 2.0GHz ‘Exynos 5250′
– The industry’s first ultra-high resolution WQXGA (2560 * 1600) display support

CHANDLER, Ariz. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – November 30, 2011 – Samsung Electronics, the industry’s first next-generation Cortex-A15 equipped with 2.0GHz (gigahertz), high-performance dual-core mobile AP ‘Exynos 5250′ was developed.

‘Exynos 5250′ a 32-nm low-power HKMG (high-k metal gate, High-K Metal Gate) process was applied, one can process two instructions per second by 14 billion (14,000 DMIPS) based on the existing 1.5GHz dual Cortex-A9 Core Products (7,500 DMIPS), compared to about twice the CPU performance has been improved.

Primarily in high-end tablet PC mounted ‘Exynos 5250′ which evolved into a high-resolution ultra-high resolution according to the tablet market trends WQXGA (2560 * 1600) displays are supported.

In addition, when implementing a still image of the mobile device of the AP without additional signal transmission timing of the display screen with the images stored in the controller itself implements (Panel Self Refresh feature) at the system level power consumption is reduced.

‘Exynos 5250′ 3D graphics performance for 3D graphics processing speed significantly strengthen the existing Cortex-A9 based products has been improved compared to the more than four times. Stereoscopic 3D display in mobile environments (Stereoscopic 3D Display) and you can enjoy high-end 3D gaming is.

In particular, rapid data processing, 3D graphics, implementation, and support high resolution display of the most important memory bandwidth (Memory Bandwidth, per second, the ability to read and store data in memory) This 12.8GBytes/sec was improved by 2 times compared to existing products.

The Samsung Electronics ‘Exynos 5250′ release of the sample and mass production plans for the second quarter of next year.

Vice President of System LSI Division, Samsung Electronics yidojun the “Cortex-A15 with dramatically improved the processing power of next-generation mobile AP core,” said “Samsung Exynos 5250 users with low power and high performance of the mobile environment to provide a new level,” he said.