Cydia Update | Backgrounder Actualizado A svn.r553 Con Nuevos Toggles

Este nuevo update tiene varios arreglos entre ellos es añadir un “Toggle” para para forzar y eliminar el cambio rápido entre aplicaciones. También tiene opciones mejores para los equipos viejos como el iPhone 3G y el iPod Touch 2G.

Backgrounder allows for total control of backgrounding on an iPhone/iOS-based device. With Backgrounder, *you* decide when an app should keep running, and when it should quit. Backgrounder provides true backgrounding; minimized apps can be made to continue to run as if they were still the foreground app.

Changelog for svn.r553:
● NEW: Option to toggle forcing of fast app switching (iOS 4.0+ only). This option is now OFF by default, as forced fast app switching can cause issues for some apps. Note that this functionality was ON by default in the previous Backgrounder release (r521).
● NEW: Option to enable/disable fast app switching altogether (iOS 4.0+ only). If disabled, voip/audio/gps/task-continuation apps will still background, while apps that just take up memory will quit (and thus free up memory). This option is especially useful for users of older devices, such as iPhone 3G.
● MOD: Cleaned up preferences dialog.
● MOD: The status bar icon is now shown for the “Fall Back to Native” case as well. (iOS 4.0+ only)
● MOD: Added support for iOS 4.0.2.
● FIX: When backgrounding was off or disabled, some apps failed to quit or would quit when reopened.

Puedes bajar Backgrounder desde Cydia Gratis.

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